Monday, August 4, 2008

Basic Elements For Logo Design

The most prominent identity item for many businesses is the logo. It appears on almost all printed materials.

Keep following things in mind while making logos.

Create Logos from Simple Shapes and Lines:
The logo should be design by using lines, circles, squares, and triangles to construct simple graphics,often suitable for logos.

Do It Yourself Logos, Letterhead, & Business Cards:
Recommended reading for small business owners and non-designers tasked with creating an identity system for theirbusiness. For designers, it is also a valuable addition to any design reference library.

Jumpstart Logo Design with Graphic Building Blocks:
Use basic iconic shapes as a starting point for logo design

What's the Best Software for Logo Design?
PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher are not the best tools for crafting quality logos. Find out what software works forlogo design and why.

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